Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Want to take start the home buying process but are not sure where to start? Below are a few tips and FAQs to help.

Do we need an appointment?

We prefer that you make an appointment. I am sure you would agree that service is better at a restaurant when you have an appointment. Same with us. we want to give you Red Carpet VIP Treatment and that is hard to accomplish if we don’t know you are coming.

Do manufactured and modular homes use the same building materials as site built homes?

Yes. Both manufactured and modular homes use the same or similar building materials as site built homes.

What kind of features can I get in a manufactured or modular home?

Titan is proud to offer the same features found in site built homes, from vaulted ceilings and beautiful flooring options to glamorous master bathrooms and granite countertops. Our kitchens come stocked with top of the line appliances and the newest, chef inspired designs. The living rooms have options for built in entertainment centers and cozy fireplaces.

Where can I get a list of options available for a home?

With over 75 models, the best way to dive into the process of customizing your family’s perfect home is to visit one of our factory owned design centers. Our professional housing consultants are experts ready to get started with you!

How is a factory-built home different from a site-built home?

Manufactured homes are built with the same materials as site built homes. They are held to building codes the same way that site built homes. The main difference between the two building methods is that 80% of the building process for manufactured homes is in a climate controlled factory. The home is then transported to the site and installed on permanent foundations, which is completed by professional installers.

Can I trade in my current home?

Yes, in most cases your home can be traded in depending on the year it was built and the condition of the home. Any of our housing consultants can assist you with this process.

Can I rent a home from Titan Factory Direct Homes?

Titan currently does not have rental programs. All of our homes are for sale.

How much down payment do I need?

Just like site-built homes, the financing of our homes is done through third party programs. Each lender and program has their own financing requirements, which will be based upon your particular financial situation. Our housing consultants will be able to walk you through the process of finding the best option for your purchase.

Can I design my own custom home?

Many of our features our standardized and pre-engineered to increase efficiency and value in your home. In most cases, our building partners and housing consultants are able to work with you to design the perfect home for you.

How long does it take to build a manufactured or modular home?

Typically the home is built in about 4-6 weeks. Once the home is transported to the site, it can be installed within 30 to 90 days, depending on the complexity of the home and site work necessary. If financing of the home and the land development go smoothly, the home can be completed in approximately 90 days.

Contact us today or schedule an appointment at a Titan Factory Direct Homes near you to see our beautiful homes in person or schedule a video tour to see them from the comfort of your own home! Titan Factory Direct Homes is owned by Champion Homebuilders, the #1 manufactured home builder in the United States.

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